27 Sept 2019, an evening iPhone 11 launch brough apple lovers across mumbai under one roof. As this is a time every iPhone lover awaits to see the new phone launched by Apple. 

The love for the new phone can be seen with the long queue that started hours before the official launch. A competition spirit to be the first proud owner of the new iPhone 11 had no limits among the audience. 

The event was graced by Sutinder Singh, Founder Aptronix and Meghna Singh, CEO Aptronix and other digntaries from mall team. 

Event was a great mix of love for apple, excitement to experience the new iPhone, a music band playing live music and lot of enerygy.

Moment the doors to the store opened, the floor was flooded with customers. People coming in to explore and experience the new iPhone 11 and enjoying taking photos on the device.