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About us

Aptronix is India’s Largest Apple Premium Reseller. Started in 2011 at the Begumpet store in Hyderabad with just 5 employees, Aptronix is now Apple's biggest partner with 50 stores, 14 service centres and 400+ employees, across 14 cities in India.

Aptronix offers the complete range of Apple products along with accessories and service to match. Aptronix is an entity of Premium Lifestyle & Fashion India Private Limited (PLFIPL). PLFIPL is known for its wide network of luxury retail and distribution brands like Calvin Klein, Dyson, Max, Reliance Jio, Luxottica to name a few


Aptronix Vision:

To create a bond between apple and its customers and giving them a seamless retail experience


To be the best retail brand in India by 2022.



Obsess about customer experience.


  • Be remarkable
  • Take ownership
  • Introspect
  • Be Curious
  • Execution matters
  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Do the right thing